Traveling for the first time.

…why this title? Well, I was thinking about it for a while now and I knew this could be something very helpful for every Mom around the world.

I knew this could be helpful as I went totally crazy about this trip to Sweden.

How long I am going to stay? Do I need a buggy? How will the weather be? Do I get the diapers I use? And what about the milk? Will I have enough space in the luggage to take everything with me?

And yes, that are all questions I needed to answer for myself. My partner couldn’t join us and he knew how I was feeling about it.

Do you get stressed and nervous about new things?

Yes, definitely. I was super nervous. I needed to know how much cloth I have to take with me. And you know the little one needs a lot. Therefore, I had to keep enough space for the stuff for him.

What can you do to prevent that stress and be more relaxed for that part of your new journey?

I would definitely go for the list. Make yourself some notes on a piece of paper.

Write down what you need. Start with a blank piece of paper and a pen and just write it down what comes to your mind. Don’t worry if you can’t decide yet about the important things which have to get into your luggage.

Make sure you know how much weight your bags are allowed to have and how big they are and if you have 1 or 2 bags with your flight.

When you wrote it down – put away the paper and get some sleep. On the next day you are going to take a look and start packing. Make sure you have everything ready.

How do you stay relaxed during the first time travel with your baby?

From booking your flight tickets to packing and actually getting to the day when you will fly… It often takes a while. In my case, I was totally freaking out. I had 2 days for getting everything done.

So, don’t worry and don’t get scared. Everything is possible.

As I said before, get yourself calmed down and be organised. And when you feel overwhelmed – ask for help.

I did have great help from my partner as he took a look and was asking if I really need this or that. Therefore, we made it happen and I was flying with 2 big pieces of luggage and a bag onboard for the stuff for my little one.

If I was scared?

Yes I was. As it was a different kind of travel for me. First time flying alone with my little one. Secondly, I needed to fly before the 2nd lockdown was starting in Germany.

As you know that travelling was getting a little difficult with all this pandemic stuff.

And then I didn’t know if my partner could really come to Sweden. Saying bye at the airport and going through the security check I was feeling sad and had tears in my eyes. But I wanted to travel and I had to get out of Germany.

How and when we have decided to travel in 2020?

Well, at this point I think a lot of people would have done the same, if they got this chance.

Our friends which were traveling around the world since 2018 – started to look for a new place to live. The last time when I saw my friend she told me that they might buy a house in Sicily. Great, isn’t it?

We were looking forward in having this trip. It would have been the first travel to the ocean with the little one. Unfortunately, the next lockdown had been started. Therefore, they had to change their route.

Her husband was still in Sweden at this stage. They were calling each other to talk about their next moves. Soon, she took the next flight to get back to Sweden before they are going to shut down everything in Germany. That so far a little inside out of their life.

Where are they now?

My friend, her husband and kids (in the age of 11 and 12) are in Sweden. After they couldn’t buy a house in Italy, they made it happen in Sweden.

What did we think about it?

I think this was an great idea, as Sweden wasn’t really a country I would have been going to. By the way – did you go to Sweden?

What countries did you see so far?

Our friends did make it almost around the world and there kids are grateful for such an experience. They had been started to are their journey over an app called “journey blog”.

It’s a really good app. You need to check it out. It’s for free.

You can share pictures and write things down to share your experience with world. Friends and family can use it to check out where you are.

How did we make it?

As soon as our friends have told us that they bought the house in Sweden – we were booking the flight. The flight is with 1 stop in Stockholm. It depends which airport you are going to travel in Sweden.

The first flight we were choosing to Östersund – that seems to be a big airport. Well, in the end, we made some changes as we were choosing to fly earlier and had to get to a closer airport where they are living.

They airport was Umeå. It was an 3 hour drive from/to Åsmon.

It was around 7.20 pm when we were landing. My friend was already waiting at the airport and it was great seeing her.

How did it go with the little one?

He really made it and it was great. Soon after the flight started he was sleeping and he was waking up when we were landing in Sweden. What a feeling this was. I made it to Sweden.

A few tips from my side for your flight with your little one:
  1. Put enough milk and tea into the bag.
  2. Have some snacks for the little one.
  3. Have a blanket and his favorite toy and maybe his dummy.
  4. Get comfortable with yourself and your little one starts relaxing as well.

The tips above are things I recommend but this doesn’t mean you can’t put other things on the list. I am very happy if you find anything helpful and put it on this list.

How did I feel landing in another country in this crazy times of the pandemic?

I was happy that I made it on my own even if I was missing my partner by my side. Sweden is one of two countries I know in which you are allowed to walk without having a mask in your face. I won’t get into this so much as we all know how it feels to be controlled by others.

Being in Sweden was scary and exciting as well. It is a beautiful country with a lot of nature. I didn’t even see all of it but I was choosing to go for a walk every day.

On the 19th of November, the first snow came and this was magical. I feel like a kid when it’s snowing – so I went outside with the little one early in the morning for a walk. The snow was new and nobody was walking there. I loved it.

I think I was more excited as the little one as he was still sleeping when I took him out of the buggy into the snow. This was his first snow in his life and I was so happy to be with him at this moment.

What was your magical moment, when you were travelling the first time with your little one?

Let’s have a chat and share your moments if you want.

For a good end of this blog post and looking back about thus journey I can say you should have a moment like that. Even if you travel as a family or if you travel alone. Make a memory of joy happiness.

I would always do it again.

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