My Big 5 for Life

Around, 5 months ago, I decided to build my own business. The reason for it, “I want more from my life”- and I had questions in mind.

Do I really have to work in a company, where the Manager only thinks about himself/herself and it doesn’t matter what the employee thinks or feels?

Unfortunately, that were not the only questions. I knew I need the money for food, paying bills and if I want to travel as well, I would need to have a little bit of money on my saving accounts. There I come to the point of the question if we only need the money to have a home, food and paying our bills?

Why I can’t do something I really like? 

Let’s go back into the last few years in my life.

I lived 4 years in another country and I always thought I would never do this. And yes, I was fucking scared about this, but at the same time excited about this journey. I needed to take this decision and step for myself.

If it was easy?

Definitely, not. As I knew I wouldn’t have my family around me. You need to know about me, that I was always asking my Mom for advice.

But I had to take this chance to grow up and make my own experiences. From this moment, I was ready to start my “Big 5 for Life”.

If I had experiences in English?

Starting over in a new country with almost zero “English speaking knowledge” is something very scary for me. But I also think this would be scary for anyone else who is going to do something like this.

Making my own journey I remembered that a few years ago, my Mom always said: “Why are you not going to something like an “Au pair” Job”. I wasn’t ready for it. I knew the world has so much more to show as living my whole life in the same country and village.

Can you imagine that it took me almost 25 years to realize I need to live outside my of the country I was born?

August 2013 and the day came.

Finally, 2013 I was ready to leave Germany. I bought a one-way ticket to move to another country. One thing I will never forget after all those years. As I told my Grandma about leaving the country and her exact words were: “Steffi, now, it is your time, don’t think about your Mom and your sister.” This meant a lot to me. (March 2017. R.I.P, Grandma)

Why did we decide to move back to Germany?

After 4 years of living in another country, we were on some point where everything stops for us in our career. And we came to the decision after working and studying, to move back to Germany.

Was it a good decision would some people ask today?

That’s a good question. At the time, we’ve made the decision I wouldn’t say it was a bad decision.

I mean we didn’t move back to the same city we live before. As of the job decision of my partner we oft to a different part of Germany. Therefore, it was the same as in Ireland at some stage as we started over again. This all happened by the end of January 2017 and we arrived in Frankfurt with two luggage and Honey (our lovely cat).

What happened then?

A few more months I was working for my company in a home office position as they had to find the right person to replace me. We also tried that I could work from Germany permanently, but unfortunately, the company did not agree with that. Anyway, it was fun for a few weeks as in the beginning we lived in a hotel, but then I realized I don’t really like it. I enjoyed it to work with my colleagues.

The time came to an end in my old company.

The contract with my company was ending soon. Therefore, I had to find a job in Germany close to the area we might going to move to. After sending several applications and having interviews, I knew I will find something soon.

But this wasn’t easy at all, as most of the businesses there, dont work with a collection department at all.

Do I want to work for the 40 years in an office?

Asking those question to yourself sounds weird. Isn’t it? But we all come to a point, where we want more from life.

Working in Credit and Collection was a great role, I have learned so much stuff and I really enjoyed studying this topic.

After looking for the right company, which was working in Credit management I applied for this job. I think it was two rounds of interviews and I got the job. Shortly, after starting in this company I realized this topic about Credit management, has nothing to do, with the one I was working for the last few years.

Therefore, I have been working there for a few months as the salary was good, but I wasn’t happy with the work I did.

All the companies I’ve tried to work in Credit management since I am back in germany did not have anything to do with the culture and the experiences I got in Ireland.

This brings me to an interesting question.

What makes a good leader?

The employees in this company did not have much to say and I already felt in the wrong place. Therefore, I have decided to leave the company on my own, as I couldn’t see myself working there for the next 40 years.

What came next?

After 4 different companies trying to work in Credit management, I decided to go into the Fitness Branch.

This was the time I have learned about Network marketing the first time.

Have you ever thought about to create something on your own?

I mean not only your own company… I mean something you really like, and you can help other people.

The book inspired me as well, to do start doing something completely new.

Every one of us has dreams. You can not tell me you dont have them.

You already start dreaming of something when you are little. But as a little kid, you cannot really afford it, to make it happen as this depends on your parents. But now, you have it in your own hands and you can create the life you want.

Therefore, I am asking you again:

“What are your Big five for Life?”

It took me a while to figure it out for myself, but now I know it. My big five for life are Traveling, Australia, My Family, Helping Animals all over the world.

Coming to an end in this story isn’t easy as this topic is so big.

I tried to find an end for this story, but I thought there won’t be an end as I would like to share my experience and help others and hope “you” will sit down and think about your “Big Five for life”.

To be continued…

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