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As of my last article I promised to tell you more about the Hypnobirthing Course we have done. Today we are 26 days away from the day our little boy will be born.

If it is an exciting journey?

It truly is. I mean at the beginning of your pregnancy you get an expected date of delivery of your baby. The date changed twice for me. In most cases, the baby doesn’t come at the expected date of delivery. Sometimes, it is even a few days or weeks before or after.

Therefore, take the pressure off yourself and the baby. You will know and feel it when you both are ready.

Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.” -Winnie the Pooh

How you can make sure you relax and still do the things you love to do?

That’s the question, I had. You read so much on the internet, that you get more confused as anything else. There are so many questions you will have at the beginning. You just have to talk to the right people, to get the correct answers.

Are you a first time Mommy?

If yes, I can tell you now, dont worry, you will be fine. In the first few weeks, you will need some time for yourself, to figure out, how to manage this new challenge in your life. I encourage you, to take this time, to get to know yourself better in this new stage of the area in your life. There are many changes which will come to you over the next few months.

How do spell “love”? -Piglet

You dont spell it, you fell it. -Pooh

Therefore, continue to do the things you love to do. Remember, you are growing a little baby in your belly, you are not sick. Enjoy your life, travel, workout, meet friends, go for a walk, be creative. It is only your mindset which will stop you, like in everything you are doing in your life.

What I am still doing?

I am working out every day, even if it is only 15 minutes. I read every day and I always meditate before even starting my day. This all keeps me accountable.

If I still have those up and downs?

Yes, I still have those days, where I am crying or feeling lonely and sad and angry at the same time. But this is completely normal.

Dont forget to talk to your partner!

Something which you should never forget, talk to your partner. Let me know how you feel and what you are going through. Make sure, he knows how you feel about this new challenge in your life. And this brings me to the next topic about Hypnobirthing.

What kind of topics you will go through in the Hypnobirthing course?

  • Basics about your pregnancy
  • Breathing exercises, Hypnotherapy, Visualization exercises
  • Nutrition and the different kind of birthing positions
  • Exercises with your partner
  • Hypnobirthing Book

Most of the birthing classes, allow only one evening to bring your partner. Which I think is a little less to be prepared for birth. Therefore, we have made the decision to do the Hypnobirthing course. My partner will be with me in the delivery room and help me during birth as we did practice all the exercises together.

What does Hypnobirthing mean?

Hypnobirthing is a childbirth education course that emphasizes natural childbirth and teaches self-hypnosis techniques to combat fear and pain during labor.

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.

Did the course change something for us?

First, it changed my feelings about birth. And most important for us was to know that you dont have everything that the doctors tell you. The Hypnobirthing course is helping you, the Mommy to focus on your childbirth Partner, which is in my case, my partner. It is also important to know, what you and your partner expect from your childbirth. Let the nurses and the midwife know, that you have a plan for the birth, which you will follow unless there should come any complications.

Sweet boy – You are more than we ever expected and better than we ever imagined.

If we would recommend the course?

That’s for sure. We were lucky as we were the only couple at this course and our instructor came to us to hold the course at our home. With all the questions we had, we got some extra time and she will take the time to help us to get an answer for each of the questions.

What are the book covers look like?

I copied the books into the blog post, that you can see the Author Marie F. Mongan, there are an English version and the German version as well. We can recommend reading the book as the Author is really explaining it in a way you will enjoy reading the book.

I was reading the book twice. The first time, before we started our Hypnobirthing course to get a little inside into a different kind of areas. The second time was during the course until a week ago. It is like with every book, if you read one book for the first time, you might not understand all at once. After, reading the book for the second time, more things became to be clear for me.

How to find an end for this great topic?

To find an end for my blog post, I would say: “Dont let the news and the public screw you.” It all looks different in the movies as it really is. Make your own opinion about your childbirth.

If you are a first time Mommy and would like to get more advice about this topic or talk about your thoughts, dont hesitate to contact me on any of my channels. I would love to help you with getting through your worries.

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