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Today’s blog post is about birth and postpartum after my little boy arrived. I would like to be honest about the feelings I had/have and how my life has changed.

Lets start right away…

When did he see the world for the first time?

The expected delivery date was the 30th of January. Therefore, we had plenty of time left, we’ve thought. His actual birth date was the 14th of January.

How did it start?

I remember the weekend before the 14th of January when we did our weekly walking at the birthplace we have chosen. We have been doing a long walk on this day. We went for some shopping. This was the 11th of January and the day, which everything has been started.

If I was sure about the start of the birth?

Oh no, I wasn’t as my little boy is my first child. Expecting your first child is an exciting journey.

Lets continue…

This afternoon, I had my first contractions. If it was painful? No, it wasn’t, as I started to do my breathing I’ve been learning in the Hypnobirthing course. After going back home, I had a few more contractions during the rest of the day. This was the 11th / 12th of January.

The night from the 13th to the 14th it became stronger and the time between one to the other contraction became shorter.

When was the time to go to the hospital?

After a few hours of sleeping and waking up every 30 minutes this night. I had to wake up my partner around 4 in the morning to let him know, that I need his help.

At this stage, I wasn’t sure about the intervals of my contractions. He wasn’t waking up quickly, so it took me a while to make clear that I need his help.

When he realized that I couldn’t count the time anymore, he started to stop the time from my contractions. As soon as he saw that the intervals were only 1 to 2 minutes, he was starting to get everything ready for the hospital.

I remember he was asking me if he can let me alone for a few minutes to get the car, but I couldn’t answer anymore as the contractions became stronger and stronger.

I think around 5 am / 5.30 am the intervals of my contraction became shorter.

As soon as the car was ready, he was helping me to put on my shoes and my jacket. Before we were ready to go, I started to throw up as I was feeling so sick.

But, finally after that, I was sitting in the car and we were on our way to the hospital.

The hospital was around 30 -35 minutes away from us, so it wasn’t a long drive. I didn’t realize that at this stage.

How did it continue after arriving in the hospital?

It was around 6.30 am when we have arrived at the parking area at the hospital and from that point, the intervals were not here anymore as this was the start of the birth of our little boy.

On our way walking to the delivery room, a nice nurse was asking us, if we need help as she saw that I was already far into birth. She was calling a midwife to come down, to help us get into the delivery room.

When we finally arrived at the delivery room, I had the feeling to go again to the toilet. From that point, t went all so fast.

When did he arrive?

He came at 8.43 am on the 14th of January.

We went through an exciting stage for the first time in our life. All we’ve been learning for the past few weeks, we did on our special day.

After the heartbeat of our little boy was getting weak, the doctor and the nurses in the delivery room where checking the heartbeat during my contraction.

As my little boy, was still up with his head, it became more difficult to get him down. We didn’t know if there was something in his way as he didn’t get closer to the light. The doctor was looking after me and said he will give us time if they can check the heartbeat.

…20 minutes later, the doctor had to make a decision to do a c-section to save our little boy. I and partner were ready for it as I tried everything I could with all the strength I had.

With the general anesthetic, I had, I didn’t see my boy first. Therefore, his Daddy saw him after 10 minutes and it was all done.

How did I feel after my c-section?

As most of you know, we’ve wanted to have a natural birth, I wasn’t feeling bad at all.

Therefore, I am proud of us as we did do everything we could to make it happen.

It is important that you try it.

Dont let other decide about your child!

Don’t schedule a c-section as this isn’t as good as natural birth. There are many good books you can read. But one thing I know for sure: We are made in having a natural birth.

The hospital we were chosen was great as we had a family room and my partner could stay with me in the hospital to help me in the first few days. He was very helpful as I couldn’t walk much in the first two days.

When did we go home?

I decided to go home with our little family 4 days later as nobody said something to me. It was a weird feeling as I was happy to go home and sleep in my own bed, but it was scary too as I didn’t know how we will manage our new day structure.

One thing I could count on was that my partner had 4 weeks of holidays to get into the new day structure with our new family. For me, it was a big help as I still had a lot of questions in the beginning. I still have them today, 7 weeks later.

What can I say so far?

Keep going to all the first time Mommies out there. I know it isn’t easy, but you can handle it and you will grow each day with every new task.

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