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After my latest blog post about the birth of my little boy and how everything went so far, I want to get to another important topic.

As a first time Mommy I think that could be interesting in sharing with you all.

Are we still having some ME-Time?

Becoming a Mom for the first time is something remarkable in your life. You will always remember that day when he or she was born. And now I don’t want to talk about all the negative or painful parts – I want to talk about, what it means to become a Mommy.

What happens now?

First of all, everything will change. It already starts with the day when you find out you are pregnant.

You are not alone anymore and will be responsible for a new life. Something which you will not be able to imaging yet.

When will it be real?

I would say, it’s going to be real when you get home with your new little one after a few days in the hospital. As it didn’t feel real for me, the day I had given birth to my little boy and holding him in my arms for the first time.

Don’t get me wrong. Giving birth and becoming a Mommy for the first time in life is a feeling – you can’t really explain.

How did I know that I can do this?

Honestly, I didn’t. And I can’t tell you how you will know that everything will work out. It definitely will work out. You just have to give it time and find your own way.

What about all the people they tell you how to do it?

Well, you will find those people everywhere. The world needs people like them. If not, it would be boring.

You will get a different kind of advice or tips but how you do it in the end – it’s your decision.

How do you find a good routine in the beginning?

I was lucky as my partner could stay home for the first four weeks. We also had a really good midwife and the people around us made us feel at home.

Because the start with a newborn at home isn’t easy at all – we had to learn a lot becoming parents and keep working on our relationship as well.

What have we done to make it work for us?

Luckily, we were well prepared through the Hypnobirthing course we have done as a couple. We were talking a lot about our fears and how we are going to handle them.

Will it be work all the time?

No definitely not. You will have days where you feel like crying and angry at the same time. And yes, I had them too. I know we want to do everything right but pressure doesn’t help. As I said before we were lucky with our midwife as she was helping us so much through at the beginning.

When did it start with a proper routine?

As the four weeks which my partner was home were gone so quickly – I had to see how I am going to make it without him during the week. Therefore, I started working on a routine for my little one and me. I wanted him to know that we both can do that.

During the first 1 and 1/2 weeks, I wasn’t supposed to do any sports. These weeks I was most of the time in my bed.

From week 2 or 3 I could start to workout out with some light exercises for my body and health.

How did I feel?

The time in which I had to stay in bed was very depressing for me and was crying a lot.

You will feel overwhelmed and tired. But from what I can tell now is, you have to go through those parts at the beginning. Why?

As you need to give your body the time which is needed to get back into your new life. The time when my partner was back at work I had to find a way for me to train and taking time for myself as well.

Why is time for yourself needed?

It’s needed to recharge your own body and mind. As I have my own morning routine I had to find a way how to make it work for myself and my boy.

I am not alone anymore – I have my little one by my side.

How to prioritize your daily tasks?

  • 1. Sit down during the weekend with your partner and make sure he will help you to find a way for both of you.
  • 2. Talk – Talk and Talk. I really mean it. Take the time to talk to your partner. Let him know how you feel and where you need his help.
  • 3. Don’t pressure yourself! What do I mean by that? You can’t get everything perfectly done in relation to your household. Use the time wisely during the sleeping times of your little one.
  • 4. If you can wake up early enough to get some things done for yourself. Like, Meditation, workout, reading, journal time, and shower.

How do I get this all sorted out?

The only thing I can tell you is, you have to find your own way. For example, with the breastfeeding, I had to make some times clearly enough time to breastfeed and a lot of love for him. After a while knew the time when he was getting hungry and so I could get ready before he started crying.

But as I can’t say it often enough – the points above all the things which I tried and a few of them worked out for me and the other few are not. Therefore, you have to find your own way.

If you struggle, don’t hesitate and contact me on one of my social media pages. But, here I also suggest first, talk to your partner. And find a way together.

Thank you so much for reading my latest blog post.

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