Being Grateful

Why is it so difficult to appreciate the things in life we have?

Today, I am going to start with this question. As I was listening to two of my favorite podcasts (Max Roeck and Lindsay Niddel) I am going to start with putting this topic out there as well. I will put the details of their podcast at the end of my blog post.

Are you listening to some podcasts?

Back to the topic. Some of the tasks they speak about, I have already been doing for a year.

Therefore, I am asking you today, what are you grateful for in life?

I am grateful for my health. My partner, which is almost 8 years by my side. Even, if we are not married, we are grateful for the Ups and Downs we went through together.

Today, I will announce something as well.

I will start with something I thought I won’t be able to share with you all. The reason was that I was afraid of it and didn’t know how to handle it. At the beginning of June, I got news, which changed all my plans for the future.

I found out that I am going to be a Mom. As this wasn’t planned – I was just shocked. Most of you all know me, as the person, which is always preparing for everything in my life. I plan my goals for my personal growth and career.

One day before my partner returned from his weekly business trip, I found out about it.

How my reaction was?

Well, I was shocked and started crying. In the same time, I thought, “what the fuck”.

Animals and their feelings.

Funny about the whole situation was, that I remember that my cat was sitting in front of the bathroom. She was watching me and saw my reaction, like “well, I already knew that you are pregnant”. Animals can feel it, that is true. Not sure, if she was thinking it, but all the pet friends will understand me.

I have been checking the description of the test several times. But I couldn’t believe it. I had to sit down, took my phone to contact some close friends to ask for advice and help.

Didn’t know what do to, honestly. Normally, the first contact person in my life is my partner. But not this time, as I was afraid.

Asking for a call?

After, getting some advice from friends, I have asked my partner for a call via facetime. Didn’t know at this time, if I going to tell him. But at some point, I had to.

When we spoke, I just asked him about his day, and I think it was something else. Don’t remember exactly the words. He was telling me about his day and that he will go to the gym.

I have asked him to sit down as he already got ready for the gym. He was asking, “why, you can just tell me”. I knew this isn’t going to be easy for me. I answered, “please trust me, it’s better you sit down”. In the meantime, I went back to the bathroom. I started crying and said, look I made a test and it turned positive.

How was his reaction?

I don´t know if I was surprised about his reaction or not. But he said: “Honey, and now, that is no problem, why are you crying?” I thought what the fuck, I am freaking out here and his reaction was like that.

Can’t tell you, if I was feeling better, after telling him. I think it was a few hours later around bedtime, I have received a message from him. Saying, “I love you, and he will love the baby as well and that we are going to manage this.

Something I love about him; he always makes me feel better. And he is the driving part in situations like that in our relationship.

What makes you feel better about your partner?

As of today, I am in my week 21, Day 1 and I feel safer and clearer about some things. We are excited to be parents, but it also will be a big challenge. For us and our relationship. Therefore, I am truly grateful for the partner, I have. He supports me and every single decision I take in my life.

What is your current challenge in your life?

A new chapter in your life isn’t easy and most of us, are trying to be prepared for those things. This doesn’t turn out the way we wish. Most of the time, we forget the little things to appreciate in life and being grateful.

One thing I would like to give you on your way is the following. Don’t stick to your plan and be open to change the way you see things.

Do you take time to remember the challenges in your life you have been mastering?

As with the years and the life situations, we often forget the situations we mastered in our lives. A bad day often leads us to be sad and thinking about nothing good in life. I would like to encourage you today to take some time and think about my question.

Take a blank piece of paper and write down the past challenges you had and the challenges which are coming next. Let’s go a little further and write down the goals. Put on one side “achieving in the next 90 days and the other side “achieving in 120 days”.

Why it is important to reflect on your day?

I never thought it will be part of my daily routine but after 66 days practicing it, it became a habit. Reflecting on your day, makes you feel better. You will have a night of better sleep and start different into your next morning.

I wouldn’t say it if I wouldn’t have been practicing it now for more than a year. It does work and you will find a certain routine to take the time in the morning as well. You will also start to be more grateful for the small things in life.

Why I did choose this topic?

Just to reflect on some things in this blog post. Being grateful, for the little things in life isn’t something we do every day. I wanted to share with you all this as I saw how we can make our own life’s better. I hope you can take something out of my blog post, which will help you. If you should have any questions, so don’t hesitate to contact me on any of my pages.

I wish you all a great start into the last few months of this year.

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