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Now, it’s more than a month since I published anything. As I didn’t really know how to get to my next article and what could be interesting as well. But this time it was not only about the topic, so I really had to figure out in which way I want to go this time and the motivation was missing as well.

What are you reading currently?

Therefore, I knew I could talk about the last book I was reading. This was about the Story of “Bob the street cat” and it made really thinking about life. I don’t know if you know the Story about James and Bob from London. It’s a heartbreaking and true story about life. I won’t go into details about it, but I will put in a link to his book.

Let’s go right into it with the following question, which made me think about myself as well.

How do you walk through the streets?

This might sound a little strange for you but keep reading. This question made me think about myself and the people who walk through the streets. After living around 4 years in Ireland and seeing so much homeless people on the street I started to ask myself why is that?

Is it because of the government that they do not get the help they need? Or is because that feel ashamed and see no other way out of this situation? Many questions went through my mind at the beginning of my journey to Ireland.

Often, I saw them sitting on the street or sleeping there and hoping that someone gives them some money for food, but almost everyone ignored them. I found it very sad as it made me feel or more realize that people don’t care.

Then last year traveling a lot through Europe I found the same in Barcelona. First time seeing the city and exploring the area I was able to get to know better I found the homeless people as well.

But why is that? Are they not willing to get help? This time I stopped in the streets and watched the people around to see if someone gives them any attention or not. A few did but most of them walked away or ignored them.

I turned back and check my purse for some small money and went to him as he had a dog and it was very hot these days as well.

My question to you now is: How are you seeing the world in your eyes?

It is good that every one of us can say what they think or feel in our world. And it is also ok, how they see the world in their own eyes. But, don’t you think that each of us can do a little each day to make the world better.

I know what you think now. Why you should give someone on the street money? They are going to buy drugs and alcohol but they don’t want to make their lives better. I am not saying this is wrong, what you think and you might be right. But don’t you think it is now on the time to stop judging people and just be a bit more open to change the world.

A story of a Man and cat which changed many lives.

Bob and James selling “The Big Issue” in London.

The book I was reading about James and Bob is already if I am not wrong, the second bestselling book they have published. James is telling about how their life’s changed after they decided to help each other.

Bob found his way to James as of the injuries he had from the street. And from this day the story of a real friendship began. After he recovered and James took care of him, Bob joined James every day on his daily work. Selling “The Big Issue” and busking on the streets of London was how James tried to earn his income.

What has been changed for James?

From this day people gave him more attention as of the fact that he had Bob on his side. If I read it the first time, I got very upset about this.

People ignore you when you are trying to earn money, through selling a paper or playing music on the streets. As you haven’t noticed it there is a different kind of people on this planet and not everyone is the same.

But that’s how we walk through the streets. I understand that some days after a long and busy day we are just happy to get home and relax. But in a country like Ireland, you shouldn’t close your eyes by walking away from things you could start to help to make it better.

The following question is something I want to go more in detail as I found it great how James was explaining it.

Do you know why they have a true friendship until today?

The sad part of our world today is that most of us don’t trust the Politicians or their own neighbors anymore. With all the lies we get in our daily news and the things they promise to change or make it better.

But when we have a new family member like a dog or cat we know that we can trust them as they never lie to us. I always find it very exciting to see how a cat or dog knows exactly the moment when you need them the most. Even we feel like needing more space they accept it as we give them the space they need as well.

A real friend you won’t lose.

This part of the book was making me think about friends and family. And you take this to think about yours as well.

James is talking about the two times Bob run away from him as there was a situation which was scaring him a lot.

The time when that happened, James was so scared that Bob would never find back to him and he was heartbroken, but he also knew that Bob will find his way back to him.

A true friendship will always exist even you live miles away from each other.

Often, we say to people that they are our best friends as they live in the same street or neighborhood. But most of them are here when you feel good and when you have to give something and they don’t have to give something back in return.

The hard times reveal the real friends, remember that.

Can you count on at least 3 people in your inner circle?

As you get older and you move to another city or even country you will realize who are your real friends. I know you are a person, who is always looking after your friends and family. But never lose yourself in something which only hurts you.

We need the feeling that we have everything under control in our life.

I agree with 100 % in this case. I know it from myself as I am a person who planes through everything in life. That doesn’t work always and that is good. James is talking about the feeling of being independent. A great example of Bob is, that it is always interesting to see how he discovers new things and learns so quick as he knows how to open the doors to his food even the doors to get out of a room.

The same reason why we always hear the following sentence “A cat finds his human – not the human finds his cat.”.

Thank you for this great example, James and Bob.

We all need to be ourselves.

A cat has a strong personality. And all the pet friends out there know how important it is to let them be how they are. In James and Bob case, he tells about his strong personality and that he would have been never tried to change Bob in any way.

Therefore, this is one of the reasons Bob is still with James. When you think about it that someone in your inner circle tells you what you must do or how you must be, you wouldn’t feel good about it.

The news and people around us always say that we must fit into a box, but I say “NO” and I am not going to change this. Because each of us needs the freedom to be, who you want to be.

Therefore, let your dream become a reality.

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